Aqua Excellent Filter Cleaner



  • 500 gr Aqua Excellent Filtercleaner
  • Take the filter out of your Jacuzzi’s filter housing
  • Put two scoops of filter cleaner onto the filter
  • Place the filter into a bucket or a filter cleaner tube
  • Fill the bucket with 10 liters of hot water
  • Leave the filter in there for 1 to 1.5 hour(s). (Turn the filter around every once in a while)Rinse the filter in a water jet and reinstall it in the Jacuzzi
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Aqua Excellent is an environmentally friendly water care system, that can be used in your SwimSpa. Aqua Excellent will help you to keep the water in your spa clean in a safe, simple and effective way.

For crystal clear Jacuzzi water, clean your pool’s filter once a week with Aqua Excellent Filter Cleaner.