Aqua Excellent Metal Clear



  • 1 liter Aqua Excellent Spa cleaner
Interval: whenever the spa is being (re-)filled
  • Evenly spread 250 ml of Metal Clear in the spa
  • Run the filter system for 30 minutes
  • Place the filter into a bucket or a filter cleaner tube
  • Fill the bucket with 10 liters of hot water
  • Leave the filter in there for 1 to 1.5 hour(s). (Turn the filter around every once in a while)Rinse the filter in a water jet and reinstall it in the Jacuzzi
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Aqua Excellent is an environmentally friendly water care system, that can be used in your SwimSpa. Aqua Excellent will help you to keep the water in your spa clean in a safe, simple and effective way.

Prevents the accumulation of deposits on the metal components of the spa’s nozzles. Neutralizes iron, copper, and other water-bound minerals and keeps them from accumulating on the spa’s surfaces and causing damage there. Use whenever you fill your spa to quickly neutralize metals and prevent unsightly staining.

Prevents iron, copper, and other minerals from accumulating in the spa Use whenever you exchange the spa’s water to quickly neutralize metals and prevent deposits Only use when the entire spa water is being exchanges – the product is of high concentration

Check the filter the next day and clean with Aqua Excellent Filter Cleaner, if necessary.


Interacts with metallic contamination before it can cause invisible deposits in your spa.